Will give you a different nuance because in addition to see the endangered species of Komodo and coral reef colors, you will also feel the sensation of waterfall caress in the middle of the jungle approximately 2 hours from Labuan Bajo. In addition, you will also see a typical Manggarai dance called Caci. This tour package will last for 3 days and 2 nights.

We will present you three amazing attractions on the mainland of Flores, namely Komodo National Park where ancient animals of Komodo and other wildlife, Traditional Wae Rebo Village with custom house and unique social life, and Lake Kelimutu famous for its three colors.

Providing an amazing experience for you,because in this package you will be presented two of very amazing tourist attraction, the ancient animals Komodo and traditional village Wae Rebo.

Waerebo is a unique and distinctive village in Manggarai, West Flores which is located 1,100 above sea level. Its uniqueness, first and foremost, is a traditional traditional house that has an architectural value filled with the philosophy of life. In addition, the strong customs and emotional relationships between humans and nature also provide value for this traditional village.

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